Role of the JASACare Home Health Nurse


Home health care nurses provide one-on-one care for clients in their homes. They often interact with clients' families during their care and medication regimen, and they play an important part in reducing hospital stays and costly readmissions.


  • Advocacy: Supports the client's advocacy and helps to protect the client's rights, teaching them how to advocate for themselves while providing encouragement and emotional support.


  • Coordination of Care: Coordinates and oversees care plans with clients, families, home care workers, and other staff to achieve safer and more effective care.


  • Collaboration: Communicates with all medical providers involved in the client's care, such as physicians, social workers, and other health advisors.


  • Education:  Educates the clients, families, and home care workers regarding ways to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital; provides on-the-job training to the caregiver regarding infection control, safety precautions, fall prevention, etc.


  • Risk assessment and home safety: Provides suggestions to improve safety, such as fall prevention, environmental safety, and assessment for any hazardous conditions.