Answers to frequently asked questions

Two qualification groups work with JASACare: personal care aide (PCA) and home health aide (HHA). The two groups of paraprofessionals must be certified by NYSDOH and have formal training. The HHA is a higher level of certification than the PCA. The HHA can check vital signs and assist with a range of motion exercises. JASACare caregivers do not provide nursing services. As we are a licensed home care agency, our nurses are responsible to complete . clinical assessment, clinical evaluation, medication reconciliation, and referral/follow-up with the client’s PCP. For services such as wound care, pain management, etc. we work with our Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA) partners to provide these services.

JASACare offers fixed rates for privately paid services. The same price applies regardless of the services that offered.

You should be comfortable with your aide. If you feel your current aide is not the right fit, call your Care Coordinator, and we will rematch you immediately.

YES! Clients involved in their care tend to do better and have better quality of life. We want every client to participate in developing their care plan and inform us when they need change to how their services are being provided. Our nurses work with our clients to build their individualized care plans, and our caregivers work with our nurses to support the client in achieving that care plan. A caregiver will be included only at your discretion.

JASACare Aides provide up to 24 hours/7 days a week care. The Medicaid HRA, MLTC, and CHHA companies determine the number of days/hours per week for each member based on their assessment outcomes. Members receiving privately paid services request the number of days/hours a week based on their needs and how much they are willing to pay out of pocket.

Every person 65 and older with Medicaid and homebound qualified for long-term care through an MLTC or MCO. Clients with a disability that has Medicaid can qualify for home care through certification from their physician that they need care. Clients also qualify for home care through the Human Resources Administration (HRA) program; these are low-income individuals who qualify for Medicaid and have special needs, as identified through the HRA process. Clients can qualify for short-term care through the CHHA. Clients can pay out of pocket.

The age-appropriateness for home care services is based on the regulations and decisions of the companies that provide financial coverage for services. People, regardless of age, can receive privately paid services from JASACare.

JASACare invests in mentoring its caregivers, and our nurses supervise and evaluate the skills of the home care workers and provide refresher courses annually. JASACare aides must undergo a criminal background check and pass a medical exam and drug test. We also check the validity of the caregiver’s certification in the New York State system and obtain references from their previous employers.

JASACare requires aides to be fully vaccinated (booster not required) unless there is a medical exemption; all caregivers must wear a mask and practice universal precautions in infection control.